Saturday, September 13, 2014

2014 Christmas Ornament Challenge

Spruce It Up Quilt shop is hosting its very first challenge! This challenge is open to all readers of the blog and visitors to the shop. Please check out the tab under the header to read the rules and have a look at the list of prizes for the winner. It's a wonderful opportunity to showcase your talents and at the same time, donate to a worthy cause, something we are passionate about in this family as my sister-in-law and a brother-in-law's sister are afflicted with MS.

In preparation for the event, DH has constructed a tree to hold the ornaments. We're eagerly awaiting your ornaments... the camera is ready to photograph each one when it arrives; the tags are ready to be attached to keep the maker's name a secret! 

You have until November 15th to deliver or mail your ornament. Please don't forget to include basic instructions on its creation so we can publish the instructions. Also remember to credit the designer of your ornament. Have fun creating!

NEW at Spruce It Up Quilt shop are these luscious fabrics:

On September 10th, Spruce It Up Quilt shop celebrated 3 months in business! It's been a real joy to meet each and everyone who has visited! In order to thank you, we are having a 3-DAY sale... I apologize for being late in posting this announcement on the blog but I did manage to post it in the newsletter... today is the last day... These flat folds are going $6.00/M... and that's a bargain! Come on by...




  1. Beautiful post with pictures of one of my greatest weaknesses, FABRIC!

    1. yes Lynn! I know that weakness all too well! Thanks for visiting!

  2. Love the tree, Lorette! That man is certainly showing his worth in your shop..Good luck with your Challenge! I hope the tree fills quickly and you raise monies and awareness for a terrible affliction. They are so close to answers in their research in MS; perhaps your Challenge and your participants will help them uncover those answers even more quickly! And so sorry I missed your sale..Hope it went well!

    1. I believe DH enjoyed making it... I showed him examples of trees and he made it his own... He's been waiting patiently for the first ornament to appear... couldn't make him wait long! :)

      MS is a terrible condition and I hope we can breathe some energy into its awareness with the challenge and the auction! Will you participate too and encourage your friends to do so? Every ornament counts! Many thanks Jennifer!