Saturday, February 15, 2014

Bear with me a little longer please!

Our move from Southern California to Eastern Canada has gone well!

We trekked across the US for 7 days with only 1 day of bad weather. The movers were here to deliver our belongings 2 days ago; the internet was installed the same day and yesterday, the satellite dish for TV reception was installed. We seemed to be getting back to regular communications until our land line phone went dead! That's life in the country...

Please bear with me a little longer. I am amazed at the number of boxes we have; this is an old home and the requirements of that generation were very different from ours. It'll take time to find a way to store our belongings, hopefully not too long.

Lolah is sitting on a comfortable bed while awaiting her own space. I'm sure she'll look very pretty in her new room.




  1. Wow! You must be in shock, coming from California to our cold snowy NB winter. I hope spring is SOON upon us...

    1. Hi Linda, both DH and I are from NB and have family here so this is coming home for us. We don't mind the snow as we missed experiencing the seasons badly! Today's blizzard is fine by us since we're both retired, have plenty to do emptying boxes, and we have no intention on leaving the house! Yes I do hope spring comes soon too... thank you for stopping by the blog!

  2. Oh my, look at the size of that sucker! Hope there's a lovely wood furnace (or two?) in there to warm your feet, Lorette :)

  3. Hi Monique, Looks are deceiving! This is an old house with many issues! :) We have a new wood stove in the living room which keeps us toasty on those cold nights and early frosty mornings. Thank you for stopping by!