Friday, January 17, 2014

Happy vs Sad!

Today marks two milestones in our family, one happy and one sad!

Our youngest son celebrates his 24th birthday! He was an active one running around the house being a ninja with make-believe swords made of cardboard tubes. You were a tough little guy, climbing stairs and tumbling down them just for fun!

The plants didn't stand a chance against the crime fighter.

The puddles always needed testing. At times when we visited your father at the office, you had to wear a tie just like your dad. You played hard and slept soundly.

Your hospital experience is something you'd like to forget but the scars and consequences won't allow that. At 10 yrs old, your little body took it's time to recover but you rose up to that challenge. 

Writing poetry shows your gentle nature; your memory skills are what most people only dream of. You still play hard and you're on top of your game still winning championships. Most people save their trophies... not you! Only the most recent one! Humble? or is it that they take up too much real estate?

We're proud of you Sam... life has not been boring with you! You are a fine young man, a cherished grandson, a wonderful son, a husband now to a beautiful wife, an adored crime-fighting ninja uncle. 

Happy Birthday "Beast"... love mom and dad!

Today also marks the 1st anniversary of my sister Viki's death. This past year has been extremely difficult for all of us but most of all for her Little Waterville (Maine) family! I've blogged about Viki here. We miss you dear sister, think of you everyday and still can't believe you're gone! I'm saying a prayer in your memory.

This January 17th, 2014, I choose to focus on celebrating life in the present, Sam's day. I choose to be happy!

May the sun shine where you are! Hug your family members today!